Club Info

Club Officers (2016-17):

President: Gerrett Peters KD8YUK
Vice-President: Kevin Boxey KB8TAR
Secretary: Lee Dziekan N8LJ
Treasurer: Bill Miller KD8VP
Skywarn Coordinator: Tom Oliver KD8EBY

LCARA Constitution


2nd Tuesday at 7:30 PM, in the Lapeer County (911 Dispatch) E.O.C. Basement, 2332 West Genesee Street. Look for the 300 foot tower. Press buzzer on door on west side, go down the stairs. All are welcome.

“Tea and Crumpets”:

3rd Saturday of the month at 9:00 AM. At McDonalds West on M-24. If you need more information on the location, go to the repeater:

ARES Program:

Emergency & Skywarn Coordinator: Kevin Boxey KB8TAR

ARES Net: Tuesday at 8:00 PM local time on 146.620- 100hz PL

Preamble webpage

Download zipped DOC file of Preamble


Editor: Daniel Peters KE8CFI

The Waveguide is the official monthly newsletter of the Lapeer County Amateur Radio Association. The Waveguide can be viewed online in pdf format using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Paper copies mailed to LCARA members upon request.

Community Involvement:

The Lapeer County Amateur Radio Association is as diverse as its nearly 60 members. We are involved with a number of community service activities which include SkyWarn in conjunction with the National Weather Service and local officials to provide an early warning system in the event of threatening weather. We also provide a system for back up communications for our county in the event that a natural or other disaster should occur. 

On the three major holidays each summer LCARA provides a service to weary travelers. At Operation CARE (Combined Accident Reduction Effort), we provide free refreshments to travelers at our local rest area in conjunction with the
Michigan State Police, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), and AAA Insurance Company.

In June we participate in the annual Field Day exercise. During Field Day we set up and operate amateur stations under emergency power simulating a national disaster.  This event takes place over a 24 hour period giving new and prospective amateurs a chance to work a number of stations under the direction of one of our seasoned veterans. Although Field Day has developed into a major contest for many, it is still a great opportunity to test yourself and your equipment. Join us each year for a fun event. LCARA also participates in the annual
Simulated Emergency Test where we provide emergency communications for local fire, EMS, emergency management and public safety personnel.

In August, the City of Lapeer holds its annual Lapeer Days festival. We have space on the porch of the oldest courthouse in Michigan for a special event station. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate our hobby to the public.

Lapeer Regional Hospital hosts a heart run/walk each summer. LCARA provides communications along the route for the safety of participants.

Join us for a fun time promoting our great hobby.

Recent Posts

Meeting Minutes – September 2017

Lapeer County Amateur Radio Association

Meeting Minutes- September 12, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by our President Gerret KD8YUK. There were 11 members and guests in attendance.

Congratulations and welcome to Doug KE8HSF for obtaining his technician license and good luck for his upcoming general examination.


No additional nominations were received for the Association’s leadership positions. By unanimous acclamation of the membership present, the following were re-elected.

  • President- Gerret KD8YUK
  • Vice President- Kevin KB8TAR
  • Treasurer- Bill KD8VP*
  • Secretary- Lee N8LJ

*This will be Bill’s last year as treasurer. It’s time for someone to step up and prepare to take over this position. The position is not hard and doesn’t require much time.  Remember no Treasurer, no association.  

Hospital Report

Bill KD8VP is recovering from a double knee replacement. We wish him our best during his recovery.

EC Report

FLdigi training will be held September 13th and 20th at 7:00pm. The frequency will be 145.010 Mhz. September 30th will be a state wide SET exercise.

Repeater Report  

Mike KN8Z submitted our repeater information to the MIARC database. The committee to study an upgrade to digital technology had no report.

The official meeting ended at 7:44pm followed by “Ask Elmer” discussions

Ask Elmer discussions

FT-8 digital modes, Recommendations for mobile FM transceivers, Mesh system interfaces, Ask Elmer session ended at 8:45pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lee  N8LJ

Note: Due to some technical difficulties, the October Waveguide is delayed.  To support the October club meeting, the minutes are being published here separately.  The Waveguide will be out later this month. -Gerret, KD8YUK

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