Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Severe Thunderstorm Watch – Net Preamble

“This is (your call sign) in the Lapeer County E.O.C. The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Lapeer County beginning at ____ o’clock until ____ o’clock. This means condition are favorable for SEVERE WEATHER. Please inform the E.O.C. of the following:

  • Flooding
  • Wind gusts estimated at 50 mph or greater
  • Hail 1/2 inch diameter or larger
  • Wall Clouds
  • Funnel Clouds
  • Tornadoes

This is a directed net. Check-ins will inform net control if they must leave the net and net control will acknowledge them.

At this time we will take check-ins to the net. Please give your CALL-SIGN, SKYWARN NUMBER AND LOCATION.”

Take checkins…

Call for reports…

If not busy take roll call about every 15-min.

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