Skywarn Training


Skywarn spotter training sessions are held to train individuals on how to accurately observe such weather phenomena as wall clouds, funnel clouds, tornatoes, shelf clouds associated with squall lines, and clouds that resemble funnel clouds and tornadoes but really are not.

In addition, topics covered during Skywarn training are:

  • A recap of significant weather events during 2008
  • The necessary atmospheric conditions for thunderstorm development
  • Tornado classification
  • Severe weather safety tips
  • Severe weather terms used in National Weather Service products
  • What to report to the National Weather Service
  • How to report information to the National Weather Service

Skywarn training presentations usually last around two hours,
with a scheduled break included.

Skywarn spotters are essential to the National Weather Service, law enforcement and fire officials, and emergency managers. Among other things, spotters:

  • provide valuable information on the severity of thunderstorms
  • allow downstream communities to understand the severity of thunderstorms moving towards them and
  • allow the National Weather Service to gather information which helps verify the warnings it issues

Those who volunteer to be Skywarn spotters offer a valuable service. At a minimum, it is asked that Skywarn volunteers review procedures by attending a Skywarn spotter straining sessions every two years

Spotter training is open to members of the general public , law enforcement, fire officials, and amateur radio operators, among others. We look forward to your participation in Skywarn!

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December 2017 – Waveguide and Holiday Party

The December Waveguide is available here, and should be available without logging into the site.

There is no club meeting in December.  Instead, we have our annual Holiday Party, 6:30pm-8:30pm at Ted’s Sports Pub, 700 West Street, Lapeer MI, 48446.  We reserve the room for camaraderie, you order and pay for your own dinner and drinks.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Gerret, KD8YUK

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